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Saturday, November 27, 2010

BSNL 3G data card Teracom H/W: v1.0 S/W: LW273 v1.2 with other network

I think it is easy to flash other 3G modems mainly Huawei to use network's other than the one for which the modem was provided.

But mine in 7.2Mbps teracom modem provided by BSNL. I was not able to use other network sim cards in windows. When I insert different sim card the application provided with the modem will rise error message.

What I did is tried in ubuntu. Just start your PC with your modem pluged into the USB, It will be automatically detected. Now change the settings according to the network and use.

If modem is not detected, Copy the contents of the virtual drive created in your windows while plugging the modem for the first time. You can find a folder with a name Linux, copy it and install in your ubuntu. After installing in ubuntu you may get error message, ignore it.

Now after installing the program in ubuntu, restart you PC. Now your modem will be detected.

Enjoy......This worked for me...............I Will let you know once I find a way in windows......Also let me know if there is already a way to use in windows......


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